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Corpus resources of the Ukrainian language

An overview of the Ukrainian language corpora available for online search, with a demonstration of their use (GRAC, PAWUK, ParlaMint).

Seminar "CLARIN: Open Access Resources, Tools and Services for Language Research"

This seminar aims to acquaint participants with CLARIN’s services tailored for language researchers. It will cover a spectrum of services, including digital resources and analysis tools in multiple languages, knowledge-sharing centres, research support and dissemination initiatives, and possibilities for preserving the generated resources.

"Digital Humanities and Ontologies" course

The primary goal of this course is to create and utilize digital tools for Humanities research. The lectors/trainers are Christophe Roche (http://christophe-roche.fr/) and Maria Papadopoulou (http://o4dh.com/maria-papadopoulou). The dates of this course are 7-8 December 2023 (online).

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